Life is often compared to a train journey. Some people get on and stay until the last stop. Others only join for a short ride.

We have had the privilege to meet an enormous wealth of awesome and inspiring people at Panya. Life really is like a box of chocolates over here but most of the time the people coming through are in the “awesome” category and if not they still grow on you in some way or another.

life is like a box of chocolates

life is like a box of chocolates

So far I found, key is to not to judge, categorize and label the passengers in your carriage too soon as this might blur your vision and prevent you from having an open minded attitude and relation to others. Another danger is to shut yourself off for the short term passengers out of “self-protection”.

If we allow ourselves to approach each person we meet without judgment or assumptions then we can be completely open to interesting exchanges, learning and teaching possibilities.

Everybody is on their own journey and you never know when or how you might be able to help that other person ahead on his journey or when somebody might be able to show you the right path.

It might be just to receive or give a tiny piece of the puzzle or perhaps a milestone. You never know.

If you always allow that little window of opportunity to be open, these little puzzle pieces can lead to synchronistic events and magical situations.  They can help you to grow into the best version of you or perhaps give you a push in the back as to achieve your goals.

Living in a community like we do at the Panya Project, gives us the opportunity to learn about living and working together but also about open communication, sharing, recognizing and learning about your and others emotions. Spending a few months together here somehow feels like it equals several years in the “real” world and before you know it you become super close to people.

Building together

Building together

Depending on how long they stay and how close we grow, we get slightly selfish towards the end of their stay in the sense that we would like to keep them near for a while longer. Your heart is almost yearning with premature nostalgia for all the good times you had. These folks get a ticket for your imaginary train that can come and pick them up to reunite you at any given time in the future. ChooChoo!

Goodbyes are certainly never easy but somehow you learn to deal with them in your own way. Of course parting from people you had an awesome time with quite often goes with some sadness but let’s always try not to let this sadness go without the happiness and good memories you have shared and the feeling of gratitude for meeting them in the first place.

A good reminder to give ourselves as well is that every time we say goodbye and see the bright light of one’s soul disappearing on the horizon, there is a receiving side on the other side of the horizon that will have the blessing of meeting that person.

Panya Sunset

Panya Sunset


Thanks for listening everybody. It’s about the journey.  Safe travels on yours, wherever it may take you.

The tribe

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