Hey guys,

It’s been a while since you heard from us but that’s because we have been acclimatizing a bit here at Panya.

First weeks here we have been happy to be back at this awesome place, tranquil surroundings and the interesting people.


Shirley in action, cooking lunch together with the other members of the lunch team. It was an epic lunch 🙂

We also soon found out that it was pretty hard to settle down here, unpack all the boxes we have sent the last 6 months, juggle a rebellious 3 year old & a little baby and at the same time we also want to participate with things on the farm and practice all the awesome skills we learned from our teacher Takashi on Koh Tao.


LACTO! The Revolutionary, superhealthy and easy home made probiotics 🙂



On top of things I also had a small bike crash in between Chiang Mai and the farm with my freshly bought a second hand Honda Sonic and busted up my leg a little which didn’t really help.

We soon wondered if perhaps if it was a bit too ambitious to come here with our 2 kids and expect to run the family and learn and do heaps of things.


Ties and Kieran are slicing up a banana tree as part of the diet for the piggies 🙂


Perhaps we had read a few too many inspirational quotes on facebook?

Today it is exactly 2 weeks since we arrived here and it seems like we are finally settling in a bit and found sort of a routine for the kids that works for now.

We realize that in order to make this living, working and learning experience work we have to make sure the whole family is happy first. Once this is the case we can experience, participate, learn and enjoy.

Few minutes in the hammock to chill out after a sweaty day

Few minutes in the hammock to chill out after a sweaty day

As I was having a shower today I was accompanied by a snail that was hauling his ass vertically up the wall. He sure wasn’t going very fast but his destination would certainly be reached.

This gave me the insight that we would not be moving very fast at all the coming time but if a snail can haul his ass up a wall and have fun doing it we most certainly can achieve our goals step by step and have fun in the meantime. We don’t have to move fast but at least we won’t be standing still or going backwards 🙂

Thanks for listening all and have an awesome journey wherever you are going 🙂

The whole family

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