Hey extended tribe members,


Nearly 3 months have passed now since we have left Thailand.

We had a great time being back in our ‘home” country and all the comforts it brings but somehow the free wifi on bus and train, flatscreens everywhere (even on the ceiling of the dentist office) and the scented toilet paper don’t quite make up for all the things we miss from Thailand.

It was a huge chapter of our lives and filled with so much laughter, friends and many crazy, beautiful and exciting adventures. We have lost a part of our heart there forever.

Leaving Holland all those years ago with adventure in our young minds and arriving as luck seeking divers we ventured into a life of freedom, sunshine and passion.

Life in Thailand has given us the days of our lives, thousands of underwater adventures, hundreds of certified divers, days of sunshine, friends for life, 2 beautiful children and a memory bank that the glossiest Kodak paper couldn’t handle. (obviously our life wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows but we don’t like to take sourpuss memories into the memory bank)

A feeling of deep gratitude and bliss seeps in when we think of the days spend in this beautiful country and of course the little island we spend most of our days on.


I felt a bit clueless trying to put it all into words and have put it off for a while. It starts with reflecting on the many things so easily taken for granted. Where does one start documenting one or the other? Obviously we didn’t only have a picture perfect life but the beauty and simplicity in every day things will stay with me forever. Sometimes words cannot explain so here are some snapshots and memories that are still fresh on my 3rd eye retina.



From excited IDC candidates








To trained professionals 😉

01 - about us - IMG_8584

Boardies, bikini’s, flip flops and wetsuits.










03 - home -polaroid - IMG_7996

Tanlines from diveboots and salt in our hair.

The banquet of people

The banquet of people








Ties #3

diverse and unique

we taught diving over the years

we taught diving over the years









Happy days


Crazy Songkran parties









That became slightly different after having kids 🙂


Swimming with Whalesharks








and other majestic creatures


Driving your bike to the diveshop crack a dawn.

Monks on their alms rounds walking solemnly on the roadside.

Excited divers in the diveshop ready for adventure.

Boatboys frying up rabbit fish or squid curry for lunch.

The smell of frangipani while driving dusty roads avoiding sleeping doggs.

The sweet sounds of Thai pop classics.

The sunrise from the boat on the way to Chumpon Pinnacles.

Trying peanut butter and banana sandwiches between dives with happy backpackers.

Tears in your eyes from clouds of garlic and chili smoke passed road side restaurants.

Tanaka faced Burmese women with freshly groomed appearances.



Barefoot Flinstone style bowling with friends and students.










Strike 🙂



Dressing up and getting on stage at the Queens Cabaret Show









and other random parties

and some more

and some more












Drinking an ice cold Singha, Tiger or Tropicana at the little Eazy Bar with friends, colleagues and students



while enjoying tunes from Kings Of Leon, Xavier Rudd and Pink Floyd.









Taking the dog for a bikeride



Hiking mountain tops and jungle trails



Immersing in the beauty of our island.



welcoming 2 children into this world: Joshua









and Eliana. A life changing experience



Fresh coffee & good company







our friends with the little hammock shop

our friends with the little hammock shop


Tropical proposal

Tropical proposal








& being married by a lady boy

& being married by a lady boy



Kids Jam on Sunday






Days off spend on the beach

Days off spend on the beach


with the kids or friends

with the kids or friends










Kids enjoying natural wonders



in awe










Note-3 21-03-16 2361




Watching starlit skies, counting shooting stars laying in the sand.

And the food….sigh…..the glorious food…

How about your children warmly welcomed in establishments for dinner?

A bowl of noodle soup after a night dive or a banana Nutella pancake just because you can.



Pad Ka Prao anyone?







Samosa from the Samosa Man?

Samosa from the Samosa Man?




Sippin coconuts with my homeboy







Wanna bite__2848107601280185764_Photo

have a taste



Icecream at Svensons









cause happiness never melts :p










Sunsets n stuff



Visaruns, nightboats and minivan vista’s









a necessary evil



Full Moon Parties









responsible drinking



& Bucketnights








Change of scenery from the islands in the south to the mountains in the north

Appreciating a different kind of beauty and receiving so many new friendships,  lessons and blessings



meeting our hippie family in the north of Thailand







I-phone 21-03-16 256

getting to know another way of living


building soil

building soil






Building together

Building a new future

Still sometimes think I see a gekko on the wall in the corner of my eye

Still desperately looking around for the bumgun in the bathroom only to be disappointed by toilet paper.

Still look up in fear of falling coconuts when I hear the wind rustle through the trees.

Still missing my fresh coconut for breakfast, a 50 baht lunch and my daily double espresso and good company at our friend’s hammock shop.

Life is like a box of chocolates they say and if we have to be precise, our life in Thailand , although we all know Asian chocolate is rubbish, can’t be beaten by the best Belgian chocolates.

Nothing but:


Note-3 21-03-16 2153




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