Landing in Portugal – Bom Dia!

After a super nice but also hectic and busy 3 months in the motherland we have now been on the road for over 4 weeks.

Baking "poffertjes" with the young dragons :)

Baking “poffertjes” with the young dragons in France 🙂

Our first mission after making the camper into a sweet and fresh home was to drive to France to visit my sister and her family. Not seeing our family, friends and loved ones for such a long time is one of the reasons we are seeking roots closer to home.

How nice would it be if we could pop over every now and then for a visit? Nowadays with the cheap airline tickets it seems like a plane ticket within Europe is cheaper then a bus ticket!

The reunion was super nice and driving to France, although it felt a bit like a race, was a nice way to get to know the camper and also to figure out how to drive these kinds of distances with the kids. It wasn’t always easy but we managed 🙂


Then on to the BOOM festival at Idanha a Nova, Portugal  for a boombastic Panya reunion with a legion of awesome people we have met at the Panya Project up north in Thailand. Who would have thought that all of us would reconnect 2 years after the original plan was created?

I had heard bits & pieces about the BOOM but nothing could have prepared me for this. Forget about any other festival you ever been too. BOOM is da BOMB! The eye for detail and decoration and the organisation where just epic. A mellow mix of modern day naked hippies and alternative party people from 159 countries made it into a festival never to forget.



PsyTrance Madness

The vibe there was so peaceful and fun. In the whole week there I have not seen a single negative vibe, irritation or form of aggression.

Between us, Shirley and I made the deal that one night would be daddy night and the other night would be mommy night. This way we could take turns in exploring the beautiful festival in the evening and dance the night away on the PsyTrance beats and world music.






Young Dragons Playtime

For the kids there was the “young dragon” playground with the awesomest wooden designed climbing structures and play areas you can imagine. If the lake and beach wasn’t fun enough the young dragons area was the place to be.

The theme of the festival was Shamanism so there were some really interesting lectures, workshops and gatherings about shamanism, plant medicine, permaculture, yoga, meditation and sustainability etc.

At first I was a bit bummed to miss a lot of the interesting lectures and workshops but I had a great time just being there and enjoying what I could. Just “being” and mindfully enjoying every moment is as good as it gets. Everything else is an extra 🙂



camping at cliffs in Peniche

After 7 days of festival madness we drove the camper to Peniche, a surfer town, and enjoyed camping out at cliff sides and breathed the fresh sea breeze for a few days.

Meeting up with some other old Panya friends was really awesome. And not only for us. Niels is also a great friend of Josh and when the guitar came out Josh knew it was Jam time. Panya classics like “monster truck”, “chopper”, “double diggin” and of course “Maya” all came by and hearing them jam together brought tears to our eyes again.


How awesome is this existence guys? Meeting and getting to know and spend time with beautiful souls to reconnect on the other side of the globe to do it again?



Azula Ladies!

Azula Ladies!

Meantime our friends Cris & Anna had signed the deal to buy a piece of land and were planning a “land warming party” so this gave us a good reason to drive their way. These people have been scouting for the last year, exploring, learning and looking for the perfect spot to build an existence and set up a permaculture educational center. And boy did they find  it! A wonderful piece of land in a super friendly little village. The place is called “Azula” and building and setting up is in full swing.


The land warming party was really great and the land turned into a hippie campsite / festival with tents, vans and campers, jugglers, guitars and drums and of course trampolines barbecues and friends from all over the world. It was an awesome party with some of the finest people. After the party it was nice to start working on the many things that need to be build, a pizza oven, vegetable gardens and many more things.

We will definitely be back soon to get our hands dirty because right now we have had enough leisure time.


Our View right now…

At the moment we are camping near a riverside estuary right on the border of Alantejo and Algarve and we almost made an attempt to leave today as we feel the need to get out of this “holiday mode” and start exploring and get ahead on our journey.




Best camp spot so far

But let’s be honest guys: would you move if you would wake up to a view like this? We decided to stay another day and tomorrow we will hit the road.




A camper is nice but you have to fill up the water tank, empty the toilet & grey water, fill up gas for cooking and fridge and guys we really need to do the laundry too!

This week we have planned to meet some people to chat about communities and associations, we will give our first LACTO superprobiotic workshop AND perhaps even a meeting about a small business opportunity. Seems like we have the gentle Portugese winds blowing in our back so raise the Sails and let the good times roll 🙂

Down here you can see our latest youtube Vlog update 🙂


  1. great video good to see you guys are doing Awesome miss you all

    • Hey Stephen!

      Thanks bro! Hope you are doing fine over there! Portugal is awesome but it is getting colder and colder in the night time so it sure isn’t Thailand 🙂


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