Goodbye Island


Here we are with our little family. The crossroads to our new life starts here. On the pier where we have departed so often with the knowledge to come back again to our little island lovingly called “The Rock” by so many.

This time will be the last time we look back from the ferry and see our home and island bubble disappear on the horizon.

We arrived here nearly a decade ago as a young couple with backpacks and our divekit to become scuba instructors and perhaps after that to pick up a job here or there.

Little did we know that we would get stuck like barnacles and leave years later with 2 kids, a huge amount of island life experience and memories that even Dumbledore’s Pensieve would have trouble coping with.

The great times we had on this island are just too plentiful and we can write a book filled with stories on this little rock in the Gulf of Thailand.

Shirley & Ties swim eye to eye with a whaleshark on Koh Tao, Thailand

Our first encounter with the Gentle Giant of the sea

Who knows we might someday write our memoirs although it might become a bit of a repetitive story line like an old vinyl that keeps skipping.

This record needs some scratching and that is exactly what we are doing right now. (please note: with these kind of lines we are actually trying to motivate ourselves and collect the courage to get on this boat)

Since we came back from our unfortunate adventure in Chiang Mai both me and Shirley realized: we are done here and ready to move on. We could just feel it in every fiber of our body and soul that it was time to go. As if the universe was blaring in our ear with a huge megaphone: What are you waiting for? Can we make it any clearer? Do I stutter? Move the fuck on!

In our mind it all seemed so easy: Let’s have some good times with the people we love. Enjoy island life with our family to the fullest, tick off our Koh Tao bucketlist and clear out our crap and leave.

We told the peeps at Panya that we would be back end of May beginning June as we thought it shouldn’t take that long to make our return.

We made a slight judgment error here. …

First of all: our adventure in Chiang Mai had beaten us down quite a bit. I don’t like to overreact and blow things out of proportions but it was quite the roller coaster for all of us. Being back home was weird in the beginning and we were motivated to leave asap, but at the same time we felt home again. After settling in we enjoyed being in our own homey environment again and away from the smoky city that Chiang Mai becomes every year when the farmers burn the surrounding fields.

First reaction was to sell all our stuff asap and get this show on the road. Soon enough though we fell back into a certain routine and took up the island pace.

Second: we now have 2 kids and although some people told us “it get’s so much easier when you have more kids” (A bloody lie! These people just want you to suffer as much as they do!) it obviously didn’t get any easier having a new born in the house and a wife that was still limping and unable to drive a motorbike.

Third: Selling our possessions was quite easy but the amount of accumulated junk in our house was just embarrassing. How can simple people like us that aren’t the most materialistic ones hoard soooo much stuff? Then there was our company. The brainchild we raised and nurtured into maturity. Our toddler that just started to run by its self.  Selling it was something we delayed until the very end. We should have started with that straight away obviously but the list of things to do was rather long and we mixed up priorities a bit. I guess it just felt so good so see the junk in our house disappearing that we continued to sell it and forgot about our business.

But here we are now.  Bags packed, kids fed, goodbyes said and ready to embark on this crazy journey of which none of us know where it will lead us.

Swopping our small island paradise surrounded on all sides by the beautiful blue water of the Thai gulf, for the mountains and hills in the north of Thailand with no sea anywhere near.

Will we long for the salty seawater once our gills become dry? Will we get homesick to the tiny island with the mainroad that brings you from one side of the island to the other in about 15 minutes?

Can we just go so far out of our comfort zone and propel ourselves into the next uncertain chapter of our lives?

Are we really moving to a hippie community in the middle of nowhere and risk getting dirty clothes and be hippiefied to an extend that cannot be undone? (think excessive pubic hair, dreads and smelly pits)

If you can answer one or more of the above questions with a yes then please buckle up and enjoy the ride.

After all it is about the journey isn’t it?

The Rock

The Rock



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