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Welcome on Healthy Roots & Strong Wings!

On this page you can depart with our little tribe to explore Portugal and find a suitable place to shoot roots into healthy soil and start living a life we have dreamed of for quite some time.

A new life

We are looking to live a simple life with a high level of self reliance in an environment where we can surround ourselves with like minded people and build community. An environment where our kids and us can learn how to connect and live in balance with nature and feel the deep sense of responsibility that we ought to have for the earth and its inhabitants.

We truly believe our kids can grow up in a garden of Eden but we also realize we will have to plant and nurture it ourselves. No time to waste!

At this moment we are living in a camper and are exploring Portugal to connect with like minded people who have similar ideas and people that have already setup organic farms, permaculture projects, eco villages and communities. Our mission is to explore, feel, learn, participate, contribute and evolve our ideas and ideals into a concrete plan to start our future.

The ideas for this mission have come when we where living on a tropical island in Thailand. We have come a long way to where we are now but still have a very exciting time ahead of us.

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We love to involve  and help anybody interested into taking the steps to a healthier life into their own hands and invite you to join our tribe!


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